Wheel Up! [005] – Luciferian, Saint Dubs, Arkay, Bang GK, Chemz, BBH, Args, Rhys Lite + More.

Footage & Highlights from the pop-up event for Wheel Up! [005] at Grey Area Skate Shop! Visuals for the set are available below Featuring Bang GK, Saint Dubs, Luciferian, Billy BarHard, Arkay, Chemz, Args, Rhys Lite, Blalfie, Snotta, Beez, Ando, Lomon, CA$H IS K!NG, BUNCH, Priest + more. Wheel Up is a music event held…

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Wheel Up! Hastings. [003]

Wheel Up is a Bass music night in Hastings where you can catch all the best Grime, Dubstep, Garage & Drum and Bass. Wheel Up [003] featured performances by Oblig, Sustrapperazzi, Furious Styles, Machoan, Don’t Look, Eida & Soy, Roots & Rhtym, Bang GK, HighPriest187, Billy BarHard, Rhys Lite & Blalfie. OBLIG B2B SUSTRAPPERAZZI MACHOAN…

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Talented DJs, Quality food, serious vibes, phenomenal unmatched energies, all at Dubshack on the beach! Artists from across the country come down to Hastings to showcase who they are and what they do, as well as some serious local talent, including our own Bunch & Don’t Look. Oscar’s on the beach provided the perfect spot to house such…

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