Talented DJs, Quality food, serious vibes, unmatched energies, all at Dubshack on the beach!

Artists from across the country come down to Hastings to showcase who they are and what they do, alongside some serious local talent.

Oscar’s on the beach provided the perfect spot to house such an event and a shout-out to TIATSIM & the whole Dubshack team for putting it all together!

Below you can find some highlights from the day and footage from D.O.K & Spooky‘s set at ‘Dubshack on the Beach‘ featuring Upsetters Joe Fire, 28 Luchi & Jus Rival, Blackcrown MCs J-Wing100K, & Tiny, Grime legend Bruza, Slewdem’s Rageman & Fraktured Planet MCs Billy BarHard, Rhys Lite & Priest.