Novelist - Novelist Guy 

Novelist – Novelist Guy



Lewisham MC & producer Novelist has been teasing an album release for a while now and its kept us all on our toes, until now. The Ruff Sound pioneer dropped the artwork and release date for a 15 track self titled album ‘Novelist Guy’, Due to be independently released on the 13th of April this year.

regarding the album, Novelist stated via Twitter, “I spent the most of the last few years creating these beats, learning how to mix how I like and pouring my heart out, somehow still managing to rhyme with depth and meaning.”

“I thank my Mother and Siblings for supporting me throughout the duration of my life keeping me out of trouble, and career, even when I wasn’t focused.”

He later added, “Last thing i want to say is, All praise be to my Heavenly Father who has guided me the whole way with his Holy spirit which is in Christ. Much love. Enjoy the Art.”

We are proper excited about this one, Let us know what you think via Twitter here:

You can check out Novelist’s tweet below and pre-order ‘Novelist Guy’ here: