2017 has been an amazing year for UK Music with numerous artist from across the spectrum releasing great music that has both been critically acclaimed and financial successful. The likes of Giggs, Stormzy, Dave, AJ Tracey and J-Hus have had stella years with big releases under their belt, But there’s been tons of other great releases that you possibly haven’t heard.

Here’s a selection of 5 albums from 2017, that you might of missed and you should definitely check out!



1. Cashtastic – UKBA

Release date: 9 February 2017
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Worldwidemusicgroupltd

Stand out Lyric: “I see your potential but you’re the one that needs to see it”

Cashtastic purveys a message of self understanding, which is reflected perfectly throughout the songs of ‘UKBA’.

Peckham’s Cashtastic is back and 2017 saw him release his album ‘UKBA’ 2 years after being deported to Jamaica by the UK Border Agency for “complications” with his immigration status. ‘UKBA’ is a 14 track project that focuses on Cashtastic’s story as he comes to terms with the past, the future and the lessons he has learnt throughout his journey.

‘UKBA’ is a genuinely elevating piece of work and proves Cashtastic is without a doubt amongst the most well-spoken, expressive rappers of our generation. Take a hour to fully take in UKBA and you won’t regret it.

You can stream ‘UKBA’ below and purchase it here:


2. Children of Zeus – The Story so Far

Release date: 6 October 2017
Genre: R&B/soul/Hip Hop
Label: First Word Records

Stand out lyric: “You Accept what you deserve, You Deserve what you accept”

Straight outta Manchester, Children of Zeus are a soulful hip hop duo who have blessed us this year with a project full of soul and RnB flavour.

‘The Story so Far’ is a 12 track project that follows the journey of this talented pair of young musicians as they mix Hip Hop, Soul, RnB and Jazz to create a truly unique sound that can be felt throughout the tape. A very entertaining listen throughout, that you can not only being kick back too, but also enjoy as it touches on social issues as well as self awareness.

Children of Zeus state: ‘This EP is a compilation of the creations the duo have produced themselves over the past decade, put together to appease their loyal followers thus far, and as an introduction to those yet to discover their talents. A snapshot of what has been, and a mere taster of what’s to come.’

You can Stream the ‘Story so Far’ below, and purchase it here:

Benaddict - The Garden of England3. Benaddict – the Garden of England

Release date: 28 July 2017
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: YogoCop Records

Stand out Lyric: “Does anybody Care?”

The album is a mixture of heavy boom bap beats and soulful laid back hooks.

Brighton based Rapper Benaddict has been making a name for himself over the last couple of years and 2017 saw him drop his debut album entitled ‘The Garden of England’. The album touches on many hard-hitting topics that young people face including addiction, male suicide and violence. There’s a surprising level of maturity in Benaddict’s lyricism and it’s extremely refreshing to sit back and take in the wisdom and point of view he is delivering throughout this record.

Overall, the album is extremely well produced and the lyrics are raw and powerful, Benaddict is defiantly one to watch in the future.

You can Stream ‘The Garden of England’ below and buy it here:

Wretch 32 - FR32

4. Wretch 32 – FR32

Release date: 13 October 2017
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Universal Music LLC

Stand out Lyric: “Old Enough to know better, But young enough to try again”

‘FR32’ is a fantastic album. With 12 unique and different tracks to choose from, it’s a project that will not get boring any time soon!

London legend and Tottenham rapper Wretch 32 is only getting better and his 4th studio album ‘FR32’ is a prime example of hard work paying off.

The record is a very passionate and versatile album, tracks like ‘Time’ & ‘His & Hers Perspective’ are deep and meaningful songs, whilst tracks like ‘Whistle’ & ‘Tell Me’ would quite easily mash up a dance. The album covers many subjects including wretch battling his demons, embracing pain/suffering and also learning from it.Wretch is a perfectionist in this album, the level of care and attention to detail he has taken with each song is very impressive.

We highly recommend you kick back and take this one in!

You can stream ‘FR32’ below and purchase it here:

Ezro - Ghost in the Blue5. Ezro – Ghost in the Blue

Release date: 31 March 2017
Genre: Ruff Sound/Grime
Label: Trapdoor Records

Stand out lyric: “YGs in the endz Yh they need guidance, washed up olders wanna see em riding”

‘Ghost in the Blue’ a 13 track album featuring a bag of powers, styles, features and samples.

Lewisham MC & producer Ezro released ‘Ghost in the Blue’. Which we think is the first album to come out of the Ruff Sound movement when it was released in March this year.

Ezro puts the album across as a reflection of his reality growing up and continuing to live in south London. 

The tape includes verses from Vision Crew and Novelist, and production is provided by Ezro himself as well as the likes of SusTrapperazzi & Novelist.

All together this is a solid album, slick beats throughout mixed with Ezro’s signature delivery and meaningful lyricism make for a great listening experience.

We highly recommend you sit back and fully take in #GhostInTheBlue as soon as you can. You can Stream it below and buy it here:


Other great projects from this year include: J-Hus – Common Sense, Stormzy – GSAP, Dave – Game Over…….