P drops one last Dub for Dot Rotten.

The lyrical war thats been going on between P Money & Dot Rotten recently has gone down as one of the best in Grime history in the eyes of many fans with multiple dubs flying from both artists. P Money is back with a new banger aimed at Dot, this time entitled ‘Shut Up Blud’.

Check it out below.

This war has been mucky, keep your eyes peeled for more dubs, if they fly we will blog them!

You can check out Dots Previous sends ‘Steak Bake’‘Facts’‘Real Talk’ here:

You can check out P Moneys Previous sends ‘Real Talk’, ‘Liars in the Booth’, ‘Did you Notice’, ‘Bruck Beyond Broke’ & ‘I Got Bars/Man like Peri’ Here.