The Bearded Weirdo is the debut vocal project by UK Grime lyricist & producer, Luciferian.

Luciferian - The Bearded Weirdo EP
Artwork dun changes colour and that….

The Bearded Weirdo is finally here!

Following the success of his debut instrumental EP ‘When the Sun Swells’, The Collective’s own Luciferian is back with his long awaited Debut vocal EP entitled ‘The Bearded Weirdo’.

This is a 6 track EP showcasing the full ability of this talented musician, with a wide variety of themes and concepts even for a 6 track project.

The instrumentals are all of high qaulity and compose of a broad range of samples, skippy drum patterns and deep basslines. Luciferian himself has upped the levels with his wordplay and delivery. Luci touches upon many themes including spirituality, social issues & space and time to name a few. The Collective MCs Flow pattern perfectly matches each instrumental with ease, creating an extremely easy listening experience but also one ironically full of content!

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Luciferian states – “Beginning as nothing more than a concept and a desire to fulfil my status as an artist, I feel that The Bearded Weirdo has developed into a well-rounded representation of my beliefs and philosophies, and I can definitely feel that each track is a glimpse into my being.

I don’t want to be an artist that just spits for the sake of spitting. We can boast our egos and ability when we’re shelling down radio, but with this, I’ve created a part of myself. This is a project of self-expression.

For me, the whole concept of The Bearded Weirdo EP is to be yourself and embrace your idiosyncrasies and weird qualities. I spent too long trying to fit in, only to realise that I started to gain respect when I started being myself”

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