The Bearded Weirdo drops his first instrumental tape and its bangs!

The Collectives own Luciferian has finally released his long awaited instrumental EP entitled ‘When the Sun Swells’

Stream below.


When The Sun Swells’ is an instrumental EP demonstrating Luciferian’s interest and fear of outer space, and the infinite abyss which is the Universe.

Luciferian Specifically states, this EP deals with the cosmic destruction of Earth and our Solar System when the Sun will die and expand into a Red Giant, which will consequently absorb the Earth and all life on it in about 5 billion years time – Peak init.

Luciferian explores his childhood with ‘Clanger Riddim’, referencing the children’s TV series ‘Clangers’, compared with the expressions of existential-dread, in ‘5 Billion Years‘ and ‘Ragnarok’. This is definitely a expressive first project, which promises a lot more from this artist.

You can Download ‘When The Sun Swells’ here:

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