Big Zuu – Grenfell Tower Tribute

The horrific tragedy at Grenfell Tower in West London brought heartache to the UK last week after a fire ripped through the 27 story residential high rise building.

Big Zuu, an MC, DJ & Radio personality, who is from the area around Grenfell Tower, has released a tribute record in which he expresses the emotions that most of the UK will be feeling regarding this appalling and totally preventable peace time disaster.


The tribute record not only touches on the tragedy itself but also on the outstanding way the community has come together in an attempt to deal with the situation, after an apparent lack of support from the government and the local council. Donations and volunteers have poured into west London from all over the country and the effort to support and re-home the victims continues.

‘The full details of the tragedy are yet to be officially released and fully understood, the media appear to be holding certain information back although we can not confirm this.’

Our Thoughts and prays go out to everybody effected by this incident.