NewGrimeOrder [Set] | BL@CKBOX #IGWT

Uncle Bantzz & The New Grime Order team linked up with the dons over at BL@CKBOX to shut down the very first “In Grime We Trust” Set!

Artists In Order Of Appearance

0:08 Spitz @SpDaBosss
1:31 Ten Dixon @MrTenDixon
2:17 Jon E Clayface @JonEClayface
3:00 Rhimez @Rhimez
3:52 Blessed @BlessedSWB
5:52 Reece West @MrReeceWest
8:03 Charlie Trees @CharlieTrees_
10:13 Armzout @ArmzoutMc
11:49 Kaos @KTheInfinite
14:13 Bliss @namesbliss
16:30 Shannon Parkes? @ShannonParkes
20:01 Spitz @SpDaBosss
21:50 Keys @KeeyaDixon
24:44 Shemzy @MrShemzy
27:15 Young Yizzy @Official_yizzy
30:35 Squintz? @SquintzArtist
37:06 Supreme Ky @_SupremeKy
33:50 Jon E Clayface
35:53 Ten Dixon
36:35 Karnage MC @javkarnage
37:14 Yus – CXCB @yushackney
38:12 Spvnks @Spvnks
39:05 Uncle Bantzz @UncleBantzz
40:00 Shanon Parkes
41:37 Keys

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#Grime #NGO