Ocean Wisdom – Fire In The Booth

Brighton’s very own Ocean Wisdom gave a jaw dropping performance with a completely unexpected Fire In the Booth for Charlie Sloth.

The HighFocus MC went in over 3 instrumentals showcasing his ability on both Grime & Hip Hop. Ocean Wisdom brought his unique double time along with countless other flows to the booth and tore it down in one take leaving the place smouldering.

Whizzy’s lyrics were as always of a high qaulity and his wordplay on this outshines the majority of FITB’s. We suggest you watch this 3 or 4 times at least, just to fully catch the bars.

We have been following Ocean’s Career very closely over the past 2 years and we think this FITB is very much deserved.

We look forward to seeing more from him and the HighFocus gang!

Make sure you support South East Music and check out Oceans Wisdom debut album “Chaos 93” Here:

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