The Undergrowth Vol.1

Country Club Records Presents The Undergrowth Vol.1

Country Club Records bring us the first in a new series of mixtapes entitled: “The Undergrowth” featuring a bag of artists from all over Kent.

This is the first official compilation from the Garden of England representing the full spectrum of Rap & Grime from chilled boombap tracks to socially conscious songs & road bangers.


The ‘Undergrowth Vol.1’ is a 15 track mixtape showcasing Hip Hop and Grime Music from all over Kent.

DNR - Down Right Nasty
DNR – Down Right Nasty

1. DRN – “Ain’t Nice Out Here”

Track 1 on the Mixtape is entitled ‘Ain’t Nice Out Here’ and is brought to us by DRN Aka Down Right Nasty. Hailing from Folkstone, this firey duo brought us some serious flows and a big catchy hook – this track is a banger. The instrumental is smooth yet jumpy at the same time. The use of synths throughout the track give it a G-Funk feel with a fresh grimey UK twist. We hope to see more from them soon!

You can watch the official video for this track here:


S.Kalibre - Bat By The Door
S.Kalibre – Bat By The Door

2. S.Kalibre – “Bat By The Door”

The second track comes from UK Hip Hop heavyweight S.Kalibre from Medway. ‘Bat By The Door’ brings a seriously sick heavy drum flow, complimented by even heavier vocals. The track is powerful both lyrically and musically yet laid back at the same time making it captivating to listen to. S.Kalibre delivers another explosive tune.

You can watch the official video for this track here:


Rebel Prole
Rebel Prole

3. Rebel Prole – “The Bury”

Coming straight out of Canterbury Rebel Prole gives us a introduction to his hometown in ‘The Bury’. Rebel Prole impresses with a skippy flow and impressive lyrics. This is a sample driven instrumental with a heavy drum flow complimented perfectly by Rebel’s flow and the catchy hook is definitely a highlight. The turntablism throughout is of a very high quality and adds to the overall feel of the piece, it also perfectly brings the track to a close.




4. Benaddict – “Stainers”

Benaddict gives us a super wavey track entitled ‘Stainers’. This track is a smooth sample driven instrumental perfectly laced with Benaddict’s impressive wordplay and laid back flow, this is most definitely one to kick back to. The use of vocal samples at the beginning & end of the song greatly add to the character of the piece and give it a sense of individuality. We hope to see more from the Tunbridge Wells based artist very soon.

You can watch the official video for this track here:


Spooka Aka Spookasonic
Spooka Aka Spookasonic

5. Spooka – ” Man Wanna Clash”

The First Grime Track on the tape is brought to us by Ramsgate’s very own Spooka Aka Spookasonic. The Drum and Bass & Grime MC brought loads of energy on ‘Man Wanna Clash’ showcasing his lyrical ability with both rhymes and flows, which fit perfectly with the bass driven instrumental.




Media - "Chain Music
Media – “Chain Music

6. Media – “Chain Music”

‘Chain Music’ is brought to us by Media, another artist hailing from Canterbury. He delivers a flawless lyrical performance over this smooth piano focused instrumental with a fitting vocal sample and some perfectly mixed violins all make for a very busy yet simplistic track.





Danko - Fraktured Planet
Danko – Fraktured Planet

7. Danko – “EzeeY”

Coming straight out of Ashford, Danko brings us ‘EzeeY’ A hard hitting trap banger produced by fellow A-Towner Kamale Beatz. Cutting through Kamale’s atmospheric instrumental, Danko brings some tight lyricism with catchy motifs which will no doubt stay in your head. This is very dope!




Digit Davis Ft. lee Willz - "Global Warning
Digit Davis Ft. lee Willz – “Global Warning

8. Digit Davis Feat. lee Willz – “Global Warning”

Another set of Artists representing Tunbridge Wells Digit Davis & Lee Willz deliver ‘Global Warning’. Coming straight in with a melodic hook, Lee Willz captivates the listeners interest straight away, in addiction to the instrumental this sets the bouncy flow of the track, not dissimilar to a Dre / Snoop vibe of the late 90’s. Digit’s lyrics cover some serious deep ground –  politics, religion and philosophy, sandwiched around Willz’s hook, which lifts the mood of the track despite also covering relatively negative topics. Overall it’s hard not to bounce to this track, but more intense listening will reveal the duo’s intense lyricism.

You can watch the official video for this track here:

Tiny K Ft. Redz & Havok
Tiny K Ft. Redz & Havok

9. Tiny K Feat. Redz & Havok – “What You On”

Ashford based Rapper Tiny K calls up fellow A-Town MCs Redah Deddah & Havok for this heavy hitting Grime track entitled ‘What You On’. With a deep bassline and quite a catchy hook this one would pump hard on a big sound system. 23Music‘s Havok brings some fire lyrics to the table and the DnB MCs Grime flow perfectly fits the track. Redz 8 bar to introduce his verse is no doubt the highlight of the tune as its creates mad amounts of energy and perfectly leads up to his verse.

You can watch the official video for this track here:



Idle Hands - Whats Real
Idle Hands – Whats Real

10. Idle Hands – “What’s Real”

Again, another thoughtful track, with an inspirational sample from the start, supporting a constantly growing, pulsing arpeggiator, building the mood for when Idle Hands both jump all the way from Eastry and Canterbury straight in the the eponymous line from the track. The first bar of the hook also introduces the strong, smooth bass gluing the track together. Within this track, Idle Hands demonstrate a dynamic flow – more traditional in nature, though with different timing structures keeping the listener engaged with this track.



Joey Prolapse - "Tentacle Headlock
Joey Prolapse – “Tentacle Headlock

11. Joey Prolapse – “Tentacle Headlock”

Ghostbusters. Thriller. Kick Drum. Flow. That’s the order we’re introduced to this track in which Joey Prolapse from Ramsgate slides over the unique instrumental, reminiscent of an aquatic expedition with his interesting wordplay and rhymes. Mr.Prolapse’s track is certainly different to others we find on the release, but this really makes it feel fresh.



Danja MC Feat. Double O - "How I Feel
Danja MC Feat. Double O – “How I Feel

12. Danja MC Feat. Double O – “How I Feel”

The descending minor chord progression sets the mood for this track perfectly. Danja MC and Double O, from Eastry and Deal respectively, both hold their own on this track. Despite being far back in the mix, both artists still deliver there lyrics with passion and energy which in it self brings life to this piece.



Hutch - "Medway Towns
Hutch – “Medway Towns

13. Hutch – “Medway Towns”

The track starts with a moving introduction on piano and strings, which may deceive you upon first listen, as shortly after the song starts the tone changes dramatically, bursting into something sounding more like it belongs on The Chronic, hitting hard with lyrics discussing some of Hutch’s observations whilst living in the Medway area.

You can watch the official video for this track here:



Mark From The Zoo - "Cathedrals & Cobblestones
Mark From The Zoo – “Cathedrals & Cobblestones

h2>14. Mark From The Zoo – “Cathedrals & Cobblestones”

Coming out of Canterbury and sounding like a sountrack to a medieval king’s banquet, Mark From the Zoo brings us this heavily sample driven track, Which is unique from the start with the simple, yet powerful violin loop, backed up with bass both of the synthesised and sampled form – a faint cello in the mix helps give this track its feel. As well as the instrumental mixing old and new, the lyrics focus on the historical changes we have seen in the country, and issues which still exist today. Jolly good little sheller, this.


Eaga - "See It All
Eaga – “See It All

15. Eaga – “See It All”

Pads and synth, orchestral hits & drum rolls introduce this piece into its eponymous line – seeing it all. Eaga from Eastry wants to see it all on this angelic instrumental accompanied by meaningful lyrics & a thoughtful vocal sample reflecting on the worlds issues.

You can watch the official video for this track here:




LISTEN: The Undergrowth Vol.1
LISTEN: The Undergrowth Vol.1
The Undergrowth Vol.1 Back Cover
The Undergrowth Vol.1 Back Cover


Overall this is a banging mixtape with a collection of eclectic styles covering a multitude of genres. We highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of this tape via the SoundCloud link: This is a FREE DOWNLOAD release so it definitely worth the time as with the range of music on here its hard to find a track you won’t be able to vibes to!

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