Nadia Rose – ‘Skwod’

Nadia Rose is back with ‘Skwod’!

‘Skwod’ sees her and a Big  Skwod of Girls, takeover a high street deep in Croydon.

This is Big!

In an interview with i-D about the track and visual Nadia Rose said:

“When I first made the decision to pursue, I guess, this ‘career’, I had great people around me, my skwod, so I guess this track is me letting them know I recognise them and appreciate them.”

“I’ve had a crazy few months and part of that is down to the people around me. I’m not doing this alone, I do this with my skwod. This is my crew, which isn’t informed so much about what people do, or how they look, it’s just my people.”

“Some I’ve known for years and years, others are new to the fam. I don’t base friendships on length of time, it’s about people I click with, that I want to work with, roll with, catch joke with. I know everyone thinks their skwod is the greatest, but mine, yeah (laughs), mine is pretty tight.”

Watch the video above and get the single here.