War Kitchen Summer 2005 All Star Set

Now this is a golden find, a good qaulity version of the classic War Kitchen Summer 2005 Grime all star Set.

Big up to War Kitchen TV for Releasing this serious bit of Grime History for all the fans of the sound to enjoy!

This set reminds us of Grimes Origins in sound system culture with the signature sound system DJ style and many MCs all spraying hard bars with many different styles of flow. The 30 minute set also showcases the south London side of the Grime scene in 2005 era, that in our opinion had alot of individuality when compared to the rest of London at the time.

The Set is filled Classic Grime instrumentals, With DJ Big Jim, DJ Moses & DJ Smalls on decks the system is pumping out dark, gritty and heavy bassline grime bangers throughout.

There are some serious Grime Pioneers in this set including Big Narstie & Solo (N.A.A), Youngs Teflon, Blacks, Jendor, Desparado, N E, Seb Zero, Sgt Stats & 187 Sqaud, Dog Pound, South Agents, South Soldiers, Essentials Fatal Assassins & More.

Its it worthy to mention that the MC called N E, Who features in this set is the man we have to thank for the OGz collective and the likes of P-Money, Little Dee, Blacks, Jendor, Ruger & Desparado.


-PART 1-

-PART 2-