Microsoft Introduces The New Xbox One S

One for all the gamers out there, you have a new console on the way!

Take a look at the new and improved Xbox console.

Microsoft have revealed the details for the new Xbox One S.

Microsoft revealed the new & improved Xbox One S at E3 2016 and the console is set to go on sale this August for around £280.

Before you settle on the choice to overhaul your video gaming console here are a few specs about the most advanced Xbox ever:

— The XBox One S is 40% smaller than the previous console, it has an internal power supply, and 2TB of internal storage. Furthermore, you can play all of the Xbox 360 classics on the Xbox One S.

– 4K Ultra HD provides four times the resolution of standard HD, delivering the clearest, most realistic video possible. Xbox One S owners will also be able to stream 4K content on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

– A new, sleeker, wireless controller provides up to twice the range of its predecessor, complete with Bluetooth technology to play your favorite games on Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones.

Obviously, there’s as of now a “Venture Scorpio” Xbox console in progress for 2017 however in the event that you’re prepared to overhaul now the Xbox One S is just months away.