The Blue Room [003] – Fraktured Planet + Guests

For the third instalment of the Blue Room, The FP Mandem plus some special guests step up the levels.

For this special and third instalment of the Blue Room our resident DJ Luman jumped on the decks to lay down a Pull up worthy mix with some help from the dons Machaon & Sus who brought there own unique style and production to the set.

Our resident MCs Danko, Highpriest187, Tipsy, Yung Danger, Tiny K, Saz & Baker fully upped the levels and the energys were high, they were joined by the mandem KZ, Kamale & Sus who fully stepped up to the plate and delivered big performances. This concoction of Talented DJs and MCs made for a sick set with perfect pacing and wicked vibes.

-Watch The Full set Above-


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