-The 2016 BDL 420 Cypher –

BIG Narstie, Big Zuu, Sus, HighPriest187, Galf & More

BDL Soldiers showed up in there hundreds for the annual link up at the London 420 Cannabis Rally and as is tradition at any BDL Gathering many bars where sprayed.

This years annual BDL 420 Cypher saw many Sick MCs pass through and lay a few bars down for Lordie, this Included some Bigger names such as Big Narstie, BIG ZUU and Dr Psycho returning to Shutdown. If you’ve seen last years Cypher your recognise a few faces including Galf, Mr Myki, JABZ and the FM gang who All fully shut down. there were some other serious MCs on this cypher but we dont know what there called so big up every single MC who Duppied this Cypher and shout us so we know who you are!

Our Very own HighPriest187 also jumped on the cypher alongside our donny Sus they fully set fire to the already blazin hyde park and to add to that, catch Sus Production on part 1 of the cypher!


PART 1 – BIG Narstie, BIG Zuu, DR Psycho, Sus Beats and FM Gang

PART 2 – BIG Narstie, Sus, HighPriest187, Galf & More